Sunday, October 12, 2008

Illest of Ill and upcoming shows

Me looking like a deer in the headlights in front of my Pirates Piece.

So last friday night was Illest of Ill at Ringling and i am so happy to say that i finally got work into the show. its the first time since freshman year that ive gotten work in to a judged show, so i was thrilled to get two pieces in this year (the medusa painting and the pirates painting). it was a great night, my parents were in town visiting, everyone got dressed up really nice (the theme was the Gibson girl and the Arrow collar man), and had a fantastic time at the show and then at the digital 3 afterparty. teh show was judged by Sam Weber and Jillian Tamaki. I am a Huge fan of Sam Webers work, you should check him out at Http://

and coming up i will be submitting one or two pieces to the Tata Gala also at Digital 3. a show about breasts, for breasts (all the proceeds go to support the fight against breast cancer). so thanks to Amanda, and Alyssa for modeling for me. the work should be awesome and i cant wait to get it done and post it up here for you guys!

New Work and updates

So sorry i havent updated this in a while. you know how it is. school started and then all sorts of chaos ensued! i also havent had any great work to put up just yet this year but now i think ive got some cool stuff for you guys. first off, for George Pratts Advanced Illustration class, we all had to do 30 heads in 30 days on 12x12 surfaces. at first i was a bit overwhelmed trying to make each portrait look great, but towards the end i just started spitting out some really fun work. hope you like them