Tuesday, July 29, 2008

current news

so although right now moving out of and cleaning my old house is taking top priority in my life, i still have a few cool things working at the same time. firstly and most exciting for me is I just got back from the Hamptons where i met with Laura Grenning, an artist and owner of the Grenning Gallery in Sag Harbor. we met and i showwed my portfolio, which led to a 45 minute discussion about the current art world and trends. in the end she offered to show some of my work later in the year (pending me putting together a landscape portfolio). so there is a chance i might be showing work in the hamptons later in the year! very exciting.

In addition to that, there are a few shows coming up that i will be showing in. first, im going to be finishing a large size painting of the Absinthe club scene (which right now is only a digital painting) for the upcoming Tata Gala at Digital 3. this is something ive wanted to do for a while so i am very excited to see where it goes. and i was also approached about doing another show where i could showcase more of my work, but that is still in question, more on that as i know more.
well thats abot it for now, i also have to post my Jack and the beanstalk painting featuring Henry! ill see if i can do that today.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pirates and Coolio

heres some more work ive done at the academy. first one is a painting of Pirates conspiring to mutiny. pretty sweet... the next one im calling "a little too Coolio", which is a painting of Coolio freezing to death... its not quite done, but pretty close.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

medusa at Ill acad

This is the first (good) piece i did at the Illustration Academy '08. under the direction of John Foster, i think that this turned out to be a pretty successful piece. its 18x24 Oil on Board.
soon ill post the next piece i did, pirates conspiring to mutiny. Sean and Pat did a great job of modeling for it and it came out pretty sweet.

indiana Jones Movie Poster

here is my version of the movie poster for the new indiana jones movie, the kingdom of the crystal skull. its oil, airbrush, spray paint, and colored pencil on a 24x36 board. there is a bit of reflection in the center, but you get the idea.
ps. Drew Struzan is a dick.

more art

some more art. this is from second semester junior year.

the first two are oil paintings. the inauguration of Colbert, and Hot Fuzz. the next two are digital paintings done on Corel Painter.

some older art

here are a few images of some of my older art (2007 and earlier)

First Blog ever!

this is my first blog and i guess im going to use this as a place to post my artwork until i get a real website. it might take me a while to get my art uploaded on here, so bear with me. but soon this will be a place for all things art related for me. Right now im doing the illustration academy at Ringling and am very excited about the artwork that i've been doing. cant wait to get it up here. until then, keep it real.