Sunday, December 14, 2008

Merry X-mas and happy New Year

Just want to wish you all a happy holidays and fill you in on the going ons in my life. Just finished what i think was a great semester. I didn't do some of the greatest work of my life, but i definitely learned alot! and think that will show through my Senior thesis.

Now i am preparing to head back to DC for the Holidays ( cleaning the studio, the house, organizing artwork, etc...). where i plan to try to get alot of sketchbook work done, something that i have been wanting to do for a while. instead of always going for the best finished product i would like to work on doing some more fun, quick, and lively sketchbook things for a while. Which should be great because i will be going to India to Visit my sister for a week and a half where i am sure there will be great opportunities to do plenty of sketching!

I will try to keep posting art (sketchbook or otherwise) and keep you updated on my journey. and then when i get back to Sarasota, straight into working on my Thesis! yikes. Scary to think that School is almost over! But at the same time, excited and ready to get myself out into the Illustration world!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

final senior portrait

Here is my second attempt at the senior portrait. Oil on canvas board, 16" x 20". This one turned out much better. I am quite happy with it.

Senior portrait 1

heres my first attempt at the senior portrait. supposed to be me under water with some algea growwing on my face or whatever. dont think it turned out all that great. Ink, acrylic and gesso on Board. 16" x 20"