Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Hi all. im going to be on vacation in long Island New York for the week. taking a break from art, but visiting potential clients and galleries whilst i am here. Keep you posted as i know more.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Wine label paintings

here are the three paintings that i did for the Wine Labels assignment. the paintings themselves are pretty good in my opinion ( i.e. the backgrounds and composition are sweet, but the figures need work still) but they looks really sweet in the actual label. i will post the final label designs but for now they are on the school computers and i cannot access them from my home computer. but for now enjoy the paintings and ill hae more for you soon.

they are all oil on board and in order from top to bottom they are : Valhalla Vineyards White, Valhalla Vineyards Blush and Valhalla Vineyards Burgundy. 20" x 16"

Saturday, November 22, 2008

finished art and working on updates

so i finished the three paintings for the wine labels and i think they turned out pretty well. im going to photoshop them into the label layouts tomorrow and post those. i also have to put together my senior portfolio, which will probably take all day, but i got a real nice portfolio and am quite excited about that. sorry about all the random (artless) posts but apparently it will help me get more views from google.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wine labels

working on a series of three wine labels for Pratts class. i have to have all 3 done by friday and havent started yet. yikes... this is going to be a busy two days!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Comic cover and interior art

Heres a quick peak at my "Nightcrawlers" comic book. its a short story by Robert R. McCammon that i translated into a short comic for George Pratts Illustration class. The story is about a vietnam vet who can bring things from his imagination to life for a short time because of his exposure to this chemical called "howdy doody" in the war. He shows up at a diner and brings the horrors of the war with him.

The comic itself is nearly all done in black and white right now, but i intend to finish it with some color. The cover (top) is done with inks and gesso on board and the Interior page (bottom) is done in ink and gesso on illustration board. Hope you like. More to come when it is all done.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Obama Artwork!

So to celebrate Obama's election I decided to do this quick painting of Barack as Captain America. Kind of a silly idea (it was going to be worse, i was going to have him battling a giant squid monster) and not the best execution, but for a quick one night painting i am pretty happy. still going to work on it more, but i thought id post it as a work in progress for now. 18" x 24" oil on clayboard

Stay tuned for more posts to come. im doing some really cool illustrations for this comic book assignment in George Pratts class. so ill give you a look at the cover art and some interior art until i get the whole thing finished. its looking really good and i cant wait to finish!

Some New, Some Old, Artwork - Illustration Academy and Tata Gala

Here we have an illustration Ive been meaning to post that was done over the summer at the illustration Academy, "Jack and the Beanstalk" done under the instruction of Sterling Hundley, John English, and George Pratt. 16"x24" mixed media

...and secondly is the piece i did for the illustrious Tata Gala show at Digital 3. although i wasnt completely happy about how the piece turned out (needs more emphasis on the breasts) the show was fantastic. Amazing artwork by all of my friends and some really cool stuff by Eric Jones and Nathan Fox. what could be better than a night of friends, art, and breasts? 36" x 48" Oil on board