Tuesday, July 29, 2008

current news

so although right now moving out of and cleaning my old house is taking top priority in my life, i still have a few cool things working at the same time. firstly and most exciting for me is I just got back from the Hamptons where i met with Laura Grenning, an artist and owner of the Grenning Gallery in Sag Harbor. we met and i showwed my portfolio, which led to a 45 minute discussion about the current art world and trends. in the end she offered to show some of my work later in the year (pending me putting together a landscape portfolio). so there is a chance i might be showing work in the hamptons later in the year! very exciting.

In addition to that, there are a few shows coming up that i will be showing in. first, im going to be finishing a large size painting of the Absinthe club scene (which right now is only a digital painting) for the upcoming Tata Gala at Digital 3. this is something ive wanted to do for a while so i am very excited to see where it goes. and i was also approached about doing another show where i could showcase more of my work, but that is still in question, more on that as i know more.
well thats abot it for now, i also have to post my Jack and the beanstalk painting featuring Henry! ill see if i can do that today.

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Sandra Lucia said...

that table is pretty remarkable!!